Beaver Meadow Windmills


BM Industries manufactures both Geared and Direct-Acting windmills. These windmills are ideally suited for deep well pumping, and surface water pumping from Dams, Creeks, Lakes, and Streams.

No Fuel or Power Bill

This has to be the main draw card for our Windmills. The initial outlay for the mill, is quickly offset by the reduction in the fuel or power bill. All you need is a steady wind, and the mill will start pumping.

Self Furling Design

A Governor incorporating a self furling design, will automatically point the mill out of the wind in times of high wind speeds. In a steady breeze, the mill head will face into the wind to maximise the power, then as the wind strength builds, the furling gear will slowly start to turn the head out of the wind. When fully furled, the head will be turned completely side on to the wind, effectively stopping the wheel from turning. As the wind force drops, the head automatically points back into the wind, and again starts turning. This feature can be operated by hand from the base of the tower.

Low Maintenance

Due to the normal remote operation of a windmill, our systems have been designed specifically to be self sufficient, requiring very little attention. All steel work is Hot dip galvanised, and the principal parts utilise Ball or Roller Bearings, protected from the elements.

Pollution Free

While the rest of the world fills our air with loud noise, and pollution, windmills merely steal a little wind energy.

Ideal for Isolated Water Supplies

Completely eliminates the need to run expensive power cables, or fuel to the pump site.

The Best Option for a Slow Producing, or Sandy Wells

Windmills have a slow, very powerful action that makes them ideal for pumping both a large head of water, and for extracting water from sources that are slow water producers (ie a small spring). In this last situation, most modern fast running pumps will draw sand and air.

Location Considerations;

With Deep Well Installations, the Windmill is mounted directly above the well [or bore], with the Pitman drive rod coupled directly to the pump rod in the well. NB: The pumping cylinders for these wells are below water level in the bore.

With Surface Water Installations the windmill can be located a suitable distance from the supply. The only consideration, which incidentally applies for most water pumps, is that it will only suck approximately a 25 feet vertical head of water (7.5 metres). Hence the vertical distance from the Windmill pump at the base of the mill, to the water supply, should not exceed 25 feet.

How far can the Water be Pumped?

Once the water has reached the pump, the slow powerful action of the Windmill can push the water (depending on the size of the Windmill head, and the Pump Diameter) upto 300ft high. Apart from this, the distance is not too much of an issue.


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