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Colonial Iron Works manufactures Steam Engines (Single Cylinder, Twin Cylinder, also Multi-expansion Types) These have mainly been used for marine, industrial, and mobile applications.

The Tripple Expasion Engine

Recent Installation
- (Twin Cylinder Engine - 3.25" dia. X 4.25" stroke)

The Engine Shown here, is a Twin Cylinder (single expansion) that was recently built and installed in a Steam Launch named "Norita". It produces approximately 12bhp, and turns the propeller shaft to a maximum of 200rpm. This combination powers the 30ft Launch along at 6 to 7 knots. (Vessel Hull Speed)

The construction of the Engine consists of Cast Iron, Bronze, SG Iron castings, and Bright Steel work. The piping relating to the engine and boiler installation are both steel and copper, with insulation lagging where required. The engine is embellished with brass name plates, brass bands, and polished Mahogany T&G panelling.

Fitted with Stevenson Expansion Link valve gear, it also has the following features; Slide Valves, Lubricator Fed Trunk type Crossheads, Balanced Crank Shaft, Four Main Bearings, Cylinder and Valve Chest Drains, Feed and Air Pumps are Crosshead Driven and Grease Cups on the Main Bearings, Eccentric Straps, Wheyshaft Bearings, and Rockerbeam Bearing.

Along with this engine, Colonial Iron Works also designed and built all of the ancillaries to go with it. This includes the Water Tube Boiler (which you can learn more about on the following page), and other items such as the Steam Donkey Pump that also keeps the boiler fed with water. These items can be viewed on the SL Norita page.

This is only one of the engine designs that Colonial Iron Works are capable of manufacturing.
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