Hydraulic Rams

BM Industries manufactures Uniflow Hydraulic Rams as a very cheap and effective way of pumping water up-hill. This can be achieved from a flowing stream where the kinetic energy provides the energy to pump the water.

This gives rise to the following features.

No Motor

No Pollution

High Efficiency

Very Low Maintenance

Converts Water Power into Pumping Power


How Does it Work ?

The Hydraulic Ram is an automatic device for elevating water. Whenever a flow of water with a gradual fall can be obtained, a portion of the water may be forced to a considerable height.

The easiest way to visualise how this works, is to related to the force felt when the bath plug gets sucked into the drain while you are emptying the bath. This same force is what initiates the action of a hydraulic Ram Pump. The water flowing through the Ram, is able to push a percentage of itself up-hill using many repeated pressure pulses. This is achieved by the use of a pulse valve and air chamber system, as described below.

The input water flows down the drive pipe, through the pulse valve of the Ram, and out the waste water pipe. The momentum of the flowing water builds up until a point where it creates sufficient kinetic energy to cause the pulse valve to shut. The water is then forced through the delivery valve into the air chamber, and up the delivery pipe via a check valve. From here it is elevated to the height that the plant has been set to pump to. The pulse valve then drops open to repeat the action again.

Both higher driving height and greater water volume equals more energy available at the Ram.

For example, a Ram with a drive height of 20 feet, can be made to pump water in excess of 400 feet.


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