The Steam Launch Norita

The Steam Launch Norita is a privately owned 30 foot Victorian style Steam Launch recently commissioned for recreational use.

Colonial Iron Works designed, constructed, and installed all of the mechanical equipment for this lovely little Steam Launch, along with other small details such as name plates, brass fittings, etc.

 The Engine is an 3.25" X 4.25" Twin Cylinder with Stevenson Expansion Link valve gear. It also features…

Lubricator Fed Trunk type Crossheads

Balanced Crack Shaft

Four Main Bearings

Cylinder and Valve Chest Drains

Grease Cups on Main Bearings, Eccentric Straps, Wheyshaft Bearings, and Rockerbeam Bearing 

Feed and Air Pumps are Crosshead Driven



As a back-up boiler feed, this CIW 2.5" x 2.5" x 1" Flywheel Donkey Pump was installed, along with an emergency hand-feed Pump. This will keep the boiler fed when the main engine is not running, and hence the engine driven pump is inactive.









The Boiler, Engine, and Vacuum Pressures are monitored on this fine Mahogany backed Brass Instrument Panel.






Photo showing the Twin Cylinder Engine, Boiler, and Stack, looking forward into the cabin.

This photo was taken at a stage nearing completion, however the Water Level Sight Gauges are yet to be fitted, along with other piping and valves.

You can see the four round bronze flanges where the Level sights are to be fitted. The Brass Gauge panel (Shown above), was mounted on the white wall pictured just right of the engine.







The SL Norita just after launching.

For further details, please contact Owner;

Alfie des Tombe
5 Roscoe Terrace,
Wellington, NZ

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