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Colonial Iron Works has various designs of Boilers. These are detailed below, and where possible, include an example photo. The ones below are some samples of the designs manufactured by CIW.

All Boilers are designed, built, and certified to international boiler standards.

Water Tube Boiler

The boiler pictured in the Background of this photo, is a twin drum, coal fired boiler. It is built to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standard Part 1 - Power Boilers.

Although operated at 160psi in the installation shown, this boiler is certified to a maximum allowable working pressure of 280psi. It was pressure tested to 420psi. at time of construction, by a registered boiler inspection agency.

This particular boiler is installed in the Steam Launch Norita, and can be manufactured in various sizes.

Fire Tube Boilers

These can be manufactured in vertical, horizontal, locomotive type etc.

They also are manufactured to internationally recognised boiler standards and inspection. They come with certification certificates.

Vertical Drum Water Tube Boiler

This smaller boiler has been designed for use in steam boats, steam cars, and stationary applications. Its unique design, can give a higher steam pressure while retaining a lower weight, and smaller dimensions. It can be adapted to run on various fuels.


As previously mentioned, these are only a sample of the boiler designs that Colonial Iron Works are capable of manufacturing.
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